About Thaalavattam



Montry Manuel was trained by his Cochin- based (India) guru Jerry Peter who instilled in him the love of drums. He later learned about the finer nuances of different drumming styles from Jeoraj Stanley. He attributes his flexibility and comfort with different styles (reggae, samba, and Indian folk) to the grounding in basics his teachers gave him. Growing up to rock ‘n roll classics, he played in bands that covered everyone from Pink Floyd to Weather Report, but all that was before he met Swarathma (A popular Indian folk rock band).

After a long break, Montry met his good friend Cherian Karippaparambil in 2009, who is a Marketing head for a renowned Luxury Resort brand in India. Cherian apart from his profession, is also a guitarist and a music lover. Cherian introduced Montry to Trance music. Passionate about the same, Montry started to ideate in creating music from recycled products. Thus Thalavattam was formed in 2009. The word Thaalavattam is derived from Malayalam (Local language of Kerala, India). It translates to "The Circle of Rhythm". Soon after this Montry quit Swaratha and started focusing full time on Thaalavattam. Cherian is also currently the Manager for Thaalavattam.


The main vision of project “ Thaalavattam” (A percussion based project) is to create music using innovative instruments made from waste plastic and metal (reduce. reuse and recycle). Thaalavattam aims to clean up the plastic waste that is plaguing India, through music. At the moment in India, Thaalavattam also conducts rhythm rush ( A drum circle event) through which we try to encourage people to recycle and re-use waste materials. Thaalavattam also has an interior designing space (where-in, Furniture is made from scrap)
This is a percussion-based project by Montry Manuel, which uses instruments created from waste plastic and metal with the aim to inspire people to think creatively about waste. His instruments are mainly created from reused paint cans, soda cans, PVC pipes etc. mimicking the street drummers. The basic ideology is that everyone can be a part of the circle.

Band interests

Using recycled materials to create a new sound in percussion, to promote the idea of "Reuse, Reduce and Recycle".

Artists we also like

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